Dr. Mark L. Ginnings

FAQs: Q and A with Dr Ginnings

When will the Flu vaccines be available? Both Flu vaccines are available.
The Flu vaccines are for our established patients only. An appointment is not needed. The vaccines are given Mon thru Thurs 9am to 11am and 2pm to 3:30pm and Fridays 8am to 11 am.

Where can I find information about vaccines needed when traveling abroad?

- The CDC Travel website or the local Health Department

What is the fastest way to refill local and mail order prescriptions?

-Local prescriptions, call the pharmacy even if there are no refills available they (pharmacy) can submit the request to the doctor.
-Mail order, call the mail order company and they can submit request to the doctor. If you have no refills remaining you need to make an appointment with the doctor.

Does an Internal Medicine doctor treat chronic pain?

While internists treat a number of chronic painful conditions such as arthritis and neuropathy, chronic pain conditions that require narcotic pain medications are not managed by this practice, but referred to a pain management specialist.

Is Internal Medicine a specialist or primary care?

Internal Medicine is primary care.

What procedures does Dr. Ginnings perform?

EKG, routine immunizations, respiratory therapy treatments, pulse oximetry, NC Stat nerve conduction studies.

What is our office sample policy?

We do not keep samples in the office.

Do we handle workmen’s comp claims?


What do these letters after your doctor’s name mean?

What do the letters FACP after your doctor’s name mean?

When you see the letters FACP after your physician’s name they mean that he or she is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (ACP).

What is ACP?

The American College of Physicians is the largest society of internists in the world.

What is an internist?

An internist is a specialist who provides a non –surgical medical care to adults and adolescents.

What is an ACP Fellow?

Fellows in ACP are a special group of doctors who are dedicated to continuing education in medical practice, teaching or research. Fellowship is an honorary designation given to recognize ongoing individual service and contributions to the practice of medicine.

What does Fellowship tell you about YOUR DOCTOR? Your doctor has:

  • Been certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine or another board acceptable to ACP. Certification requires having satisfactorily completed a minimum of 3 years of approved postgraduate training in internal medicine and passage of a rigorous 2-day examination. (This certification is sometimes waived because of other outstanding qualifications.)
  • Been recognized by other internists for excellence and skill in medical practice, teaching or research.
  • Demonstrated continuing scholarship and professional accomplishments.

How does a doctor become a Fellow in ACP?

To be elected a Fellow, doctors must show that they are always growing and learning. They may show this through activities such as teaching, hospital appointments, public service, continuing medical education, publishing scientific articles and advanced training.

They must also be recommended by other ACP Fellows who must attest to their character, ethics and excellence in professional medical activities.

We have updated our website to serve our patients better. With good information on what Internal Medicine consists of as well as information on what health plans we honor and our Patient forms so that you can download, print out and fill in the forms before you arrive at our office for your appointment. You can also learn about Dr Ginnings and his caring staff.
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